3 Reasons Your Roof May Be Leaking

19 March 2020
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Water leaking from your roof is a serious issue. Leaking water can damage your roof deck, as well as your insulation. Leaking water can lead to mold and mildew issues. If you have water leaking, you need to identify the cause of the leak right away. This will allow you to fix the leak and save your home from some serious damage. Reason #1: Damaged Shingles One of the primary reasons your roof may be leaking is because your shingles are damaged. Read More 

4 Deck Design Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Hillside Terrain And Add To Outdoor Living Space

8 January 2020
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If you have a home on a hillside or with awkward terrain elevations that are difficult to do things with for outdoor living space. Therefore, there may be some improvements that can be done with deck installation using decks, paths, and platforms to add to your outdoor living space. The following tips will help you with choosing the right deck designs to make the most of hillside terrain to improve outdoor living spaces:  Read More