4 Questions You'll Have About Repairing Your Roof Deck

28 December 2020
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If your roofing contractor in the process of replacing your roof, have they noticed that the plywood roof deck is not in good condition? If so, they'll need to perform some necessary repairs before they can put those new shingles on your home. Here is what you need to know about this necessary roof repair. 

How Can A Roof Deck Become Damaged?

While a roof deck can become damaged for a variety of reasons, one of the most common reasons is moisture. If water ends up getting underneath your roofing material and reaches the roof deck, it is going to cause those plywood boards to deteriorate. Another reason could be that the original roofing contractors placed the roof deck boards too tight, not giving them enough room to expand when they got hot, which cracked the roof deck. As such, a tear-off roof may be a better option when compared to a layover roof because it gives you the opportunity to look at the roof deck and make necessary repairs.

How Is The Roof Deck Replaced?

The process of replacing a roof deck is very labor-intensive. The pieces of plywood will need to be manually removed from the roof, which means removing individual nails to loosen each board. The more nails that were used to secure the boards in place will require more work to remove every single nail. If nails were driven deep into the boards, it could even involve tearing the boards off with crowbars to remove those damaged boards.

How Is A Sagging Roof Fixed?

If one issue with your roof deck is that it is sagging, it's possible that new rafters will need to be installed to get rid of this damage. If not, the sag is going to be in your new roof when new material is put on it. For example, if you are putting a metal roof on your home, the sag can magnify the oil canning effect that happens when metal panels are bent slightly.

What Wood Is Used To Replace A Roof Deck?

Every area has different building codes for what kind of wood can be used for a roof deck. However, the roofer can try to match the same size and thickness of the plywood that was on your old deck. It's possible to pick between plywood or OBS for the actual wood, but the existing shape of your roof is going to not allow you to make any changes other than that. 

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