Which Residential Windows Are Ideal For Your Home? Find Out

22 December 2022
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Have you been trying to find a suitable type of residential window? This process can be complex if it's your first time making such a decision. The market offers a wide array of windows, which makes the selection process pretty daunting. You have to understand the features of each type to make an informed decision.

Besides, you can incorporate two or more types depending on your requirements. Combined varieties are ideal if you require more light in certain rooms or the home style can accommodate various designs. Here are some common forms of windows you'll get in the market.

The Casement Window 

A casement window opens out to the right or left side. It's commonly installed over sinks. Although the older versions were challenging to operate, the latest versions are way better. So don't hesitate to buy it since the new mechanisms make it easy to operate. These windows are beautiful, and when open, they allow plenty of light and air into the building, improving the room's ventilation.

The Double- or Single-Hung Window

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of windows. This window can have one or two sashes, one at the lower part and another at the top. However, only the lower sash will slide in the single-hung variety. The double-hung option has two pairs of shutters attached to a single frame. Both shutters glide vertically in the frame. This feature makes cleaning straightforward since the window opens inside the building.

The Corner Window

As the name suggests, these windows are installed at the corner of a room, meaning they will have two faces in vertical directions. Homeowners prefer these windows due to their ability to enhance the general appearance of a building. They also let in light and air from different directions, improving ventilation in the room. So if you require something that will enhance aesthetics, and boost ventilation, install corner windows.

The Bay Window

This bay or bow window allows property owners to get additional space while enjoying the other benefits. The window protrudes from the building walls. The bay projection comes in various shapes, so whether you want it to be rectangular, triangular, or polygonal, the expert will get the work done. Once the project is complete, your home's appearance will improve.

Now that you know a few window options, making a choice should be easy. But remember to talk to a window installation contractor to get advice on the type of window that will suit your needs.