Building Another Bathroom? Things to Know

30 September 2022
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While most people think of renovations when they think of bathroom construction, one of the most often overlooked bathroom construction processes is the building of a whole new bathroom. Whether your family has expanded and that single bathroom isn't enough anymore or you have decided that you want to add an en-suite to your master bedroom, there are some things that you need to discuss with your general contractor.

Establish The Footprint

Will you be building onto your home or are you going to add the bathroom within the existing footprint? If you're adding it to the existing footprint, your general contractor will help you to visualize the changes that need to happen, and they will ensure that you are allowing enough square footage for the bathroom structure that you're envisioning. 

If you're building onto your home, you'll have to knock out a wall to complete the project. In addition, you need to talk with your general contractor about any property surveys that need to be completed in order to ensure that you have the space for the additional footprint.

Think About Your Layout

You'll never have more customization freedom than you do when you build a whole new bathroom. If you're in the midst of construction planning, talk with your general contractor about all of the decisions that need to be made about the layout. Think about what you see when you envision your new bathroom so that you can build a floor plan that fits your vision. 

Make sure that there's enough room to move around between the shower, the vanity, and the toilet. You want plenty of freedom of motion. Consider ease of cleaning, too. Allow yourself plenty of open space to make the bathroom easier to clean.

Explore The Permit Requirements

Building a new bathroom in your house may require some building permits from your local authority. Talk with your general contractor about which tasks require building permits. In most cases, general contractors handle permit applications and such on your behalf, so you just have to make sure that he or she has everything they need to do so.

These are just a few of the many things that you should consider if you're going to be adding a bathroom to your home. Talk with your general construction contractor about any other important considerations so that you know what decisions need to be made and the key factors that contribute to each one.