3 Valid Incentives to Invest in Foam Insulation

24 August 2022
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Whether you're building your home or undertaking major renovations, it's crucial to consider insulation. After all, this is the surefire way to enhance indoor comfort and boost your residence's energy performance.

Thanks to technological innovations, there are several types of insulation you can explore for your house. But the most popular type is foam insulation because of its efficiency and longevity. It allows you to commit to a one-off insulation project and forget about lining your house for years. Keep reading to learn valid incentives to invest in foam insulation.

1.Block Out Noise

If you live along a busy street, the noise outside can easily interfere with your tranquility. Thankfully, you can use foam insulation to block out the noise and create a peaceful home where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Form-based insulations like those made out of foil or plastic sheeting work great because they allow for less airflow, which lowers the frequency of sounds, ensuring they don't travel into your indoor spaces. As such, when you are home, you won't hear cars driving by or any other noises in your neighborhood.

2.Provide a Smoke and Fire Barrier

Unfortunately, residential fires haven't been completely phased out despite the innovation of various mechanisms to address potential fire hazards. As such, you should think about making your house fire-resistant so that if a fire ever breaks out in your neighborhood, it doesn't spread to your house.

Investing in foam insulation is an excellent way to ensure your house has a fire barrier. The wall lining is a non-flammable material that will ensure flames aren't encouraged to continue burning. This will save your family in case of a fire and ensure the fire doesn't spread to other houses.

3.Keep Pests at Bay

If you've been experiencing recurring pest problems, it's about time you did something about this issue. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be a procedure that you'll have to keep redoing every couple of months. By simply spraying foam insulation on your walls, you can ensure there are no more cracks and crevices for pests to get into your house. Keeping pests at bay saves you from their nuisance and ensures you don't have to deal with the damage they cause.

If you are considering updating your home's insulation, foam insulation should be at the top of your list. It is one of the most efficient and effective types of insulation available, and it can be installed in any climate. 

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