Patio Rock Materials: Beautify Your Deck

4 April 2022
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Patios increase the functionality and aesthetic of a property's exteriors. Additionally, they are a great place to host barbeques with friends and family, spend summer evenings enjoying the breeze, or curl up with a book as you enjoy the sun. When building a patio for your home, you should consider the material you choose for your deck. Read this guide to explore some common types of patio rock products that you can use for your patio project.

1. Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a popular material in English gardens due to its retro look. Pea gravel is a smooth stone with earthy tones that look beautiful when poured on a patio. Because it is a loose-fill material, installing pea gravel is relatively inexpensive. Additionally, it has flexibility in design since you can pour it into any design shape. Another advantage of pea gravel is that it has excellent drainage; therefore, the odds of your patio flooding are slim. However, the material shifts with time and may get displaced to areas outside your designated patio space. Therefore, do not put pea gravel in high foot traffic areas.

2. Flagstone

Common types of flagstone used on patios include limestone, bluestone, and brownstone. Flagstone is a common patio material in most homes because of its availability in different varieties. The stone is available in large slabs that come in different colors. For instance, bluestone has blue and indigo shades, while brownstone has a tan color. Flagstone is the perfect material if you want a patio with an earthy aesthetic. However, the stone is heavy, which makes installation harder. Therefore, you must hire a professional to install flagstone on your patio.

3. Clay Brick

Clay brick is a versatile patio material that goes well with traditional and contemporary homes. Homeowners favor clay bricks because they come in different shapes and patterns. Additionally, the bricks are durable, and their color does not fade with age. Clay bricks are light, which makes installation a quick and easy process. Clay bricks are your go-to material if you are passionate about environmental conservation since you can use reclaimed clay bricks on your patio.  

4. Sahara Granite

Sahara granite is a great patio rock option if you have a poolside patio. The stone is slip-resistant and is known for its durability and longevity. Additionally, it comes in various textures and shades of brown, gold, black, and tan. Like other granite materials, Sahara granite does not stain easily, making cleaning easy. Additionally, it is a hard material and thus can withstand high foot traffic.


Patio rocks have their specialized applications in different areas. Therefore, before settling for patio material, do your research and consult a patio rock material supplier.