5 Top Signs You Need Waterproofing Services

19 January 2022
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Water intrusion is very damaging to the structural integrity of a house, not to mention the health hazards it presents. Mold growth in the house brings risks of respiratory illnesses. You need to contact waterproofing services immediately if you notice signs of water intrusion. Some are readily visible, such as water puddles on the floor, while others are not visible. What are these signs of water damage?

1. Water Puddles on Floors

This is the most common sign of water damage. If you see water puddles on the floor of your basement or crawl space, it could indicate a leak somewhere. The water may also be coming in from under the foundation or the ground next to the walls.

You need waterproofing contractors to investigate the source of the leak before applying waterproofing. You should act quickly to ensure the house's structural integrity is not compromised. 

2. Visible Mold on Walls and Floors

If there is visible mold in the house, then it is time to call waterproofing services. Mold can grow on any damp surface. It appears as a black, greenish smear on the walls and floor. Mold can be toxic and cause respiratory problems, including serious allergic attacks in people who have been diagnosed with asthma. 

Mold also stains the surfaces it attacks. Therefore, you need waterproofing services to do mold remediation before applying waterproofing to prevent further infestation. 

3. Musty Damp Smell

A musty damp smell signals excessive dampness in the house. The smell is caused by mold growth and humid conditions caused by water intrusion.  

It can linger on clothes after you spend time in a damp space. The smell can also signal mold spores in the air, which shows the mold is spreading. You must take quick action to limit the spread of dampness. 

4. Cracks in the Walls and Floor

Wall and floor cracks are another sign of water damage that you need to pay attention to. These cracks are usually caused by uneven foundation settling due to water damage. Again, you must take quick action to safeguard the building's integrity. 

5. Swollen and Warped Doors

If your door is swollen or warped, then it is a sign of water damage. Wood absorbs water, and the grain swells with time. The door will be harder to open and close because it scrapes on the floor. Serious warping will necessitate replacing the door.

Do you suspect a case of water intrusion in your house? Talk to waterproofing services for quick intervention, and safeguard your family's safety.