A Modular Plastic Floating Dock Could Provide Your Family With Hours Of Summer Fun

17 October 2019
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If you have property on the water, you need a dock so you have a swimming platform, a place to fish, or a home for your boat. When you're looking into options for a new dock, consider plastic. Plastic has some advantages over other materials and they can be made in a number of configurations. Here's why a plastic dock is a good choice.

Plastic Won't Rot, Splinter, Or Rust

Popular options for docks include wood, metal, and plastic. Wood docks slowly deteriorate over time due to exposure to the weather. Metal docks can rust. Plastic doesn't have these problems, and although the plastic is fairly light, the dock is durable. The plastic resists punctures, but if you opt for a modular dock and damage occurs, you can switch out a single damaged section, so repairs are easy to do. The plastic used for making docks resists sun and water damage, so they last a long time.

Plastic Makes Great Floating Docks

If you have kids that love to swim in the lake, then a floating plastic dock would be a lot of fun for diving and sunning. Floating docks have some advantages since they always rise and fall with the water. You won't have to worry about the dock being underwater or being so high off the water the dock is useless. It always stays the perfect height right on top of the water, and that's important for a swimming dock.

Plastic Docks Are Available In Modular Sections

You may want a square or rectangular dock for a swimming platform, but you can connect the plastic pieces together and create an L-shape, T-shape, or U-shape dock of any width and length you want. This allows you to customize the dock so it fits your lifestyle perfectly. You'll have room for your boat as well as space for fishing or diving. You'll be able to use the dock for entertaining, and you can even add rails to a plastic dock so it's safer for people who don't want to jump or fall in the water. Also, one of these docks is stable and the plastic has a textured surface so the dock doesn't get slippery when wet.

A plastic dock is easy to put together since the individual pieces are fairly light and you don't need special tools. This means it's also easy to take the dock out of the water before winter so you can keep it safe in storage until the weather and water warm up again.