You Need Mold Inspection Services If You Experienced These Things

2 March 2017
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Mold can grow in homes and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, many people do not have any idea about the extent of damage that mold can cause. It can negatively impact building materials and even cause health problems. The following are a few circumstances that make it sensible to seek mold testing services.

Water Damage

If your home has been exposed to water, it is possible that mold spores can settle and start to multiply in a short period of time. The tiny spores may not immediately be visible, and this is why some people underestimate the seriousness of water damage. If you neglect to have mold testing and water damage clean-up services performed, you may end up with a severe mold issue that requires a more aggressive remediation approach.

Visible Mold

Perhaps you have seen mold on some surfaces in your home. Bathtubs are a common area due to the water that is used in them. Do not make the mistake of simply washing away mold that appears on surfaces and thinking that it is not still a problem. Mold can lurk and spread beneath surfaces such as walls, attics, basements, and even flooring. Applying paint or caulk over mold is also not a good idea because it merely covers up the issue and does not eradicate the mold. 

Unexplained Illness

Mold can make some people violently ill even if other people in the home are asymptomatic. If you have a family member who has headaches and respiratory issues, they may have a mold sensitivity issue even if you are unaware of a mold problem. The best way to determine if mold is the cause of their health problems is to have your home tested. The elderly and young children may be more susceptible to severe reactions to mold. Sometimes doctors do not think to consider the possibility of mold as a culprit in repeat bouts of illness such sinusitis, asthma, or bronchitis. This overlooked cause can lead to ineffective treatments and management of these conditions. A company like Coastal Environmental Compliance LLC can inspect your home to find mold.

Buying a Home

The excitement of finding your dream home might make you overlook the fact that it could be hiding black mold. Even if you have a house inspection done, it is wise to ensure that a mold inspection is included and that you understand the extent of the mold inspection. Purchasing a home is a costly and long-term purchase. This is why it is sensible to follow-up a basic inspection with a professional mold testing process to ensure the home is mold free.