Types Of Storm Damage Repair You Could Need After A Big Storm Hits Your Area

15 May 2023
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A storm can cause extensive damage to the outside and inside of your house. You'll need to have an inspection once the storm has passed to understand the extent of the damages. Although it's possible you may not be able to return to your house right away, it's important to get started on storm damage repairs as soon as possible. Here's what your contractor might need to do.

Remove Fallen Trees That Are On The House

If a tree or big limb crashed on top of the house, the tree has to be removed so it's safe to work on your home. You'll also want trees removed from your car and yard, but the most hazardous trees need to be taken care of first.

Take Care Of Roof Damage

The contractor might patch roof damage first to keep out the rain until permanent repairs are done. The storm damage repair contractor takes pictures of all the damage so you have them for your insurance company.

You'll want to include the insurance company in your plans for restoring your home since they'll be covering the cost and you need to comply with their instructions. Roofs are often replaced entirely after storm damage if enough of the roof is affected.

Replace Windows

Broken windows are common after a storm due to strong wind and flying debris. Windows that can't be replaced quickly may be boarded up to keep intruders out of your house.

Repair Siding

Siding can also be damaged in a storm. You might need all of your siding replaced or just some of it repaired. This often depends on the type of siding you have and how vulnerable it is to hail and flying debris in a storm.

Dry Out Water Damage

If a window was knocked out or if a tree punched a hole through the roof, your home could have water damage from rain. It doesn't take much water to cause damage to your building materials and furniture. The repair contractor may need to dry the dampness out of your house to prevent mold and rot.

Clean Up Mold

Since it's common to be restricted from entering a neighborhood after a bad storm, it might be a few days before work can begin on restoring your house. If your home was wet inside during this time, mold might be growing on the walls and furniture. If mold is present, it has to be killed and removed, which adds to the work that's needed to get your home back to normal.

Put On New Gutters

Gutters are commonly destroyed by high winds. Light troughs made of aluminum or vinyl can twist off so they can't be repaired. Hail can also ruin gutters. Gutters are an important part of protecting your home from water damage, so they'll need to be replaced if they've been damaged. 

For more information about storm damage restoration, contact a local company.