Removing Old Tree Stumps From Your Property

30 November 2021
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When you need to have a tree removed, it will be important to also address the stump that this project may leave behind. To learn why addressing the stump is important, read this post about tree stump removal

Allowing A Tree Stump To Rot Can Lead To Significant Problems

After having a tree cut down, a homeowner may assume that there is little need to have the stump removed. This can lead to a number of significant complications. One of the most significant can be that this will be an excellent breeding ground for termites. Once a termite colony has established itself in the rotting tree stump, it can spread to other areas of the property and even the home itself. Having the stump removed before this can happen will potentially save you from needing expensive repairs done to your property.  

Grinding The Stump Will Not Completely Eliminate It

Grinding tree stumps is a popular option for removing the majority of it. However, this will not fully remove the stump. Rather, it will only remove the visible part of the stump above ground. Unfortunately, this can still lead to a variety of problems as the stump can still rot and attract pests. Additionally, it can lead to portions of the soil collapsing as the stump rots and can no longer support the weight of the soil. Due to these issues, stump grinding options may not provide the best results for your stump removal needs. Rather, pulling the stump out of the ground may be a better option as it will remove the trunk and much of the roots that are growing from it.

Pulling A Stump Can Leave A Hole That Will Need To Be Filled

While pulling a tree stump out of the ground can be an effective way of removing the vast majority of the stump, it will have the side effect of leaving a fairly large hole in the ground that will need to be filled. Failing to fill this hole could potentially lead to significant erosion problems for the immediate vicinity. Fortunately, the costs of filling these holes in the ground will be fairly low, and there are many stump removal services that may be able to use filler dirt to close these openings. This can allow you to have the hole that is left behind by the stump removal filled with soil before it will have a chance to fill with water and potentially start eroding.