What To Know About Start To Finish Project Management For Siding Installation

28 May 2019
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Upgrading your siding is a big step that can take several days to complete once the project starts. When you first begin looking at siding, you may notice an option for installation. This siding installation service option is known as start-to-finish project management. If you aren't sure about what this is or how it may benefit your project, here are a few things to consider.

Consultation Services

The first step in start-to-finish project management of your siding installation services is a consultation. During this consultation, the contractor will look at your home, the current siding, and the construction of the home. They will determine if the siding you are considering will work with your current home. They will also inspect the current siding to determine the quickest and safest way to remove the current siding and prepare the area for the new siding. During this consultation, the contractor will discuss your options and make suggestions based on your needs and your desires for the final outcome of the finished siding.

Siding Samples and Options

If you use installation services that do not offer start-to-finish project management, you may be on your own with choosing your siding. This means you will have to view samples as they are available and possibly try the samples to see which one fits your final vision for the exterior of your home. When you use a project management team as part of the installation service, they will provide you with samples, help you determine the options for those samples, and help you narrow down the color you want. They can also help you with hard-to-find siding options or options that may be on clearance at the time of your project. This step can be done during your consultation to help speed up the process of purchasing the siding and installation.

Installation and Finishing

Once the consultation and purchase of the siding is complete, the project management team will work with the siding installation services contractors. This is to ensure that the finishing of the project gets done to meet your standards and theirs. It is during this point that any finishing touches will be done, such as crown molding or other options you may have requested. The key point to this is that the same person who started your consultation will be the one working through the project and into the installation and finishing phases with the installation contractors.

When you are ready to choose your siding consider discussing start-to-finish project management for your siding installation. Your siding installation professionals can help with questions before the project starts. They can also help with deadlines, pricing, and structural issues that may come up during the consultation and installation processes.