Real Wood Is Still Great For Roofing

27 June 2018
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There are so many hybrid and composite wood construction products that it can be a little confusing. Composite wood floors are very common in all types of buildings, from residential to retail, to commercial. The same goes for composite wood furniture. However, there is still one place that composite woods are not quite as popular. That is, composite wood roofs still aren't as common as real wood roofs.

Why is This?

First of all, furniture and flooring art made out of hardwoods. Hardwood species vary in price, but they are generally very expensive per square foot compared to the woods that are used in roofing. So, installing a composite wood instead is a great way to save money on your floor or furniture. But, hardwoods generally aren't used for roof shingles. Wood shingles are usually made out of soft lumber, like cedar. This cost less than composite products per square foot. So, the price is obviously the driving factor when it comes to composite products.

Most people are only willing to invest in a composite roof product (even if they don't think it is as stylish as real wood) if they know that they are going to save money. But, real wood aways look better than a composite material that has a fake wood print. So, it makes more sense to choose the product that is both cheaper and more stylish.

Maintenance Needs for a Wood Roof

Another reason that people are attracted to composite products is the perceived lower maintenance. But, a composite product on a roof is not going to be any longer lasting or more reliable than a sturdy wood like cedar. Cedar is water-resistant, and it holds its shape over the years.

Availability and Options

Lastly, there are many more natural wood options available. That is, the options for composite woods are very limited. There aren't that many colors or finishes on the market. Real wood comes in a variety of species with various shapes, different sizes, and unique designs that you can't find in a composite product. Composite wood roofs are usually very conservative and plain in style.

Basically, it is cheaper, and it makes more practical sense to have a real wood shingle, rather than a composite product. It will look more natural, last longer, and add more value to your home. More people will be attracted to a real wood. This is important if you are going to sell your home. For more information, check out a website like